Thursday 10th December would have been the date for our annual Christmas Fair which is normally a brilliant, fun event that also raises funds for charity. As this cannot take place this year due to current restrictions we would still like to mark the day with a dress down day to raise donations for the Andover Food Bank. If students have PE/Dance on the 10th then you can still ‘dress down’ but must wear your own appropriate sportswear. We would like to ask families to make a small donation of a food item in exchange for students wearing their own clothes that day. Donations should be in date and unopened/sealed and should preferably be worth in the region of £1 as this is our usual dress down donation. These will be collated and boxed in school before being dropped off at the Food Bank. So that we are able to donate a variety of goods, can I please ask that each year group donates something from the designated themes for each year group.

YEAR 7: ‘Roast Dinner’ – eg Tinned Meat, Tinned Veg, Gravy Granules

YEAR 8: ‘Condiments’ – eg Jams, Pickles, and Chutneys

YEAR 9: ‘Snacks’ – eg Biscuits, Crackers and Crisps

YEAR 10: ‘Dessert’ – eg Desserts and Cooking Sauces

YEAR 11: ‘Naughty but Nice’ – eg Sweets and Chocolate