Secondary schools across Andover are joining forces this year to celebrate the achievements of the class of 2020. The collaborative approach has been designed to recognise students’ success beyond just their academic results. The emphasis this year on GCSE results day will be to put other qualities and attributes in the spotlight such as personal responsibility, resilience and strength of character. With the government cancelling the summer series of GCSE exams, Andover’s Year 11 students did not have the opportunity to independently determine their own academic outcomes. This year Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) asked schools to use their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believe students would have achieved had they sat their exams. These judgements (called Centre Assesses Grades) were based on a full range of evidence including work done in class, non-exam assessments, course work and homework. To ensure the grades are fair between schools, the exam boards used a standardisation model developed with Ofqual. Following the government U-turn on Monday students will received their Centre Assessed Grade unless the government’s computer algorithm gave a higher grade. Determined to ensure today was a celebration across the town and in Stockbridge and that their students were recognised for their achievements and more, the Headteachers had the following to say: Commenting on how this year has tested students in immeasurable ways Harrow Way Community School Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “We are incredibly proud of Harrow Way’s class of 2020 and we are proud of the results they have achieved. Unlike previous years though these students had to dig deep and find inner strength while coping with a very brutal end to their time here at secondary school. They coped admirably with their exams, their last day at school and their prom all being cancelled. Being the class of 2020 is in fact a badge of honour and I hope all Year 11 students from Harrow Way and across our town wear that badge with pride. For me, they are the exceptional year group, the one which will take other qualities on to their further and higher education and their ultimate careers.” Libby West – Harrow Way Libby all 8 and 9s – will be studying Biology, PE and Psychology at Peter Symonds. About her results “I am so happy, I’m speechless!.” Liam O’Riordan – Harrow Way Liam got 8s and 9s, He is going to Symonds to studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths and hopes to go into Medicine. Cameron Day – Harrow Way Cameron is going to BCOT to study Catering (he got Distinction * in Catering). Emily Cook – Harrow Way All 8s and 9s. Emily is going to Peter Symonds to study Maths, Politics and Psychology. She is “delighted” with her results. Daniel Pashley is off to Peter Symonds to studying A levels including Maths and Physics. Will Budden is heading to off to Bishops in Salisbury to do Business, Maths and English. Donna Doig is progressing to Andover College to do Performing Arts/ Ruby Pilford is off to Andover College to do Geography, Sociology and Sports Science. Zac Marshall is heading to Andover College to do Film Studies, English and Sociology.