Dear Parents/Carers and Students I am writing to you again to outline arrangements for the return of Year 10 pupils to Harrow Way School in line with the guidance received from the Department of Education. Below are the arrangements for the return from 15th June 2020. Places have been given to families that responded to our questionnaire about whether they would be able and willing to attend school. If you did not complete the original questionnaire or have now changed your mind about coming into school then please email Arrangements 

  • We will not follow a normal timetable, nor will all students be in at once.  As I have previously mentioned, these lessons are not compulsory, and some parents may wish to keep their children at home even if schools do return.  A maximum of 25% of the Year 10 population will be in at any one time – 40 students
  • For Week 1 and Week 2 Students will receive face to face support in English, Maths, and Science. The groups will be based on teaching groups for Maths lessons
  • The table below shows which Maths class is on which day and how these groups are then divided by last name on those days

MONDAY 9.00 – 11.50 am 10X1 (Mrs Clackson) LAST NAMES A to F 10X1(Mrs Clackson) LAST NAMES G to M 10X1(Mrs Clackson) LAST NAMES N to Z
TUESDAY 9.00 – 11.50 am 10Y1 (Mr Reed)    LAST NAMES A-L 10X2 (Mrs Frape) LAST NAMES A to HEARSON 10X2 (Mrs Frape) LAST NAMES HORAN to Z
WEDNESDAY 9.00 – 11.50 am 10Y1 (Mr Reed)    LAST NAMES O-Z 10Y2 (Mrs Marsh) LAST NAMES A to PETERS 10Y2 (Mrs Marsh) LAST NAMES PETTITT to Z
THURSDAY 9.00 – 12.00 noon 10Y3 (Mr Nias)    LAST NAMES A-Z 10X4 (Mr Carter) LAST NAMES A to Z 10X3 (Mr Kambarev) LAST NAMES A to O 10X3 (Mr Kambarev) LAST NAME P to Z  10Y4 (Mr Massiah) & 10Y5 (Mrs Meechan)  LAST NAMES A-Z

In order to provide places for all families that responded that they would be sending students back to school there is a slightly different timetable on a Thursday in order to support students and allow for the rotation of teaching staff.

  • Students will be allocated to a teaching group ‘Bubble’ of 10-12 students which they will have for all their English, Maths, and Science lessons. They will be in this group for the remainder of the year and will always be in the same classroom
  • This does (using government guidance) provide some contact for your children with their teachers in support of remote learning. This will continue to be the predominant means of teaching and learning between now and July
  • Where possible, students will always have the same three teachers for English, Maths, and Science

Health and Safety upon return We already have in place all of the hygiene measures that you would expect because we have had in a cohort of children of key workers.  This includes signage, hand sanitizer, etc for all classrooms that we are using.  There is a lot of detailed information about how we have minimised the risk of transmission on our risk assessment, which can be found on the school’s website. There will be no social time whilst students are in school, but there will be a break of 5-10-minutes built-in. This will take place in the classroom where they have just been taught. They will not be permitted to leave their seats other than as individuals to use the toilet (this will be managed such that there are no more than 2 students in a toilet block at any one time), but will have a chance to catch up with friends on arrival (socially distanced)  Personal belongings and Student work Students should bring their own bottle of water and take it back home with them.   They should bring their own equipment to school including all pens, pencils, Maths equipment.  Any material which is given out by teachers to pupils should remain with the pupil and be taken to and from school for the duration of the term.  Teaching staff will be unable to take in exercise books to mark them.  What will it be like when your child returns to school? This video link provides an overview to how we intend to re-open more widely to Year 10 from the 15th of June onwards

  • Once students are on the school site they will move, at a safe distance from each other, immediately to their first lesson where they will be seated safely
  • No classes will be any more than half their normal size, allowing sufficient space between students
  • Classroom doors will be open at all times and the and doors that students need to pass through on route to lessons or to leave the building will be propped open at the appropriate time such that students should never have the need to touch a door handle
  • Outside all classrooms 2 metre signage will support students staying safely apart. Posters in all parts of the building will support this
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be outside each classroom
  • Clear signage will support no more than 2 students being in a toilet block at any one time
  • When students complete their time in school they will be asked to leave the school site immediately with a reminder about the need to go straight home and stay a safe distance away from others on their journey

Uniform When in school your child is not required to wear school uniform. However, students’ dress must be appropriate for the school environment. Which means no strappy tops, cropped/belly/bandeau tops, short skirts or short shorts. Travelling to and from school We can have no control over the social distancing your children adhere to as they travel to and from school. They must keep their distance from all other students both in school and on their journeys to and from school.

M J Serridge