Thank you for completing the google form that was sent through on Monday. After careful consideration, I have decided that the earliest we will consider opening for year 10 students in any form will be the week beginning the 8th June. The 1st June was always more an ambition than an expectation and I can state categorically that Harrow Way students (except those already being accommodated) will not be back in School that week.

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 10th May and the subsequent release of guidelines covering so many areas of life and particularly those pertaining to the education sector, it has been an absolute whirlwind with endless discussion and speculation. The situation, however, requires calmness, clarity, a solution-focused approach and, most importantly, time.

The next phase must not be rushed. In schools, this is the week where our preparation for a partial re-opening has become very real. We have already put in orders for signage, hand sanitizer for all classrooms being used. This week, I have personally, along with other senior colleagues and the site team, looked at rooms that could realistically be used whilst maintaining the required social distance and how we would implement a one-way system of movement around the site where required.  Please be assured that both supporting the learning and wellbeing of students and maintaining the health and safety of us all will remain the key factors in anything that we decide.

Once we have a clear path through this, I plan to share with all of you how we have prepared the school site for the return of Year 10 students. Please remember the intention and instruction for secondary schools is not to reopen fully for year 10 but to offer some form of time in school for students with teachers to support and inform the remote learning taking place at home.

Further details will follow after half term.