As the country hits the polling stations today, Harrow Way Community School students are also casting their vote to make an informed choice on which political party they would like to see in power. This is the third time the students have been invited to put their ‘x’ in the box having previously voted in the 2015 General Election and last year’s EU referendum. The results are in and it’s a Labour landslide with a large majority*

In the build-up to polling day the school delivered special assemblies to introduce the various political parties, their leaders and what they stand for. Students were challenged to think about the issues which matter to them and to discuss with friends, families and teachers. During tutor time and special assemblies students were encouraged to think for themselves.

Assistant Head Teacher Caroline Lowing, who organised the school election explains the importance of engaging the students in politics: “Young voters (aged 18 – 25) are the least likely to vote, with around a third of young people not even registered to vote. At Harrow Way we passionately believe in political literacy and feel that it is our duty to enable students to be great citizens. The school is buzzing with talk of the election and the students are really keen to learn more about politics. More importantly they have been really enthusiastic about having their own say and I hope that when they all reach the voting age they continue to take part in the democratic process”.

In the previous General Election the students voted the Conservatives, giving David Cameron the keys to Downing Street and they went against the national picture in the EU referendum with the majority voting to ‘remain’.