Harrow Way Community School’s excellence in challenging bullying has been recognised and endorsed by the national anti-bullying group, BIG (Bullying Intervention Group). The school is the first in Hampshire to pick up the much coveted ‘Big Award’ for their exemplary work in bullying intervention.

Commenting on how Harrow Way has a community approach to anti-bullying Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “This goes way beyond having an anti-bullying policy in place. We have successfully demonstrated to the team at BIG that we have a collaborative approach which embraces our entire school and local community. We have monthly focus groups with representation from our parents and carers, the school’s senior leadership team and the student body. We are also very committed to ensuring that there is regular staff training in anti-bullying, equality and diversity and we maintain a supervised peer support scheme. It is vital that every child at this school is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential and enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied and happy children are successful students”.

Harrow Way were also able to demonstrate how they liaise with parents and carers on all issues relating to bullying, how they have regular anti-bullying awareness events and have good monitoring and reporting practices and system in place to manage bullying and friendship incidences.

Val McFarlane, Director at the Bullying Intervention Group said: “Harrow Way have a range of fantastic strategies in place to address any friendship or bullying issues that can arise. Bullying can happen in any setting, but Harrow Way take the welfare and happiness of their pupils very seriously, and are working pro-actively to ensure that the children and young people can learn without fear of each other. I am delighted that they have now achieved the BIG Award”.