This week assemblies were held by Head’s of House. The House assemblies this week revolved around the theme of family. Ms Pittman made a touching video about all the different types of family of which we, as a school community, are part. We went on to celebrate the achievements of our House ‘families’ through Ms Beynon-Thomas’ series of prize draws for our top stamp earning individuals and tutor groups.

Finally, Mr Manson’s section previewed an exciting opportunity for the green-fingered members of our community to help develop the newest addition to our farm – the vegetable plot! Each house is to have its own plot and we are hoping to grow enough vegetables to be able to have a home grown cookery competition when harvest time rolls around. The individual houses will also be given flower boxes with which they can brighten up the railings at the front of the school. As the plan is to link the flowers to the house colours, expect to see the yellow Hawks’ box bulging with daffodils, the red Kestrels’ roses in bloom and the blue Buzzards struggling to find anything appropriate. Bluebells? Cornflower? All suggestions gratefully received.