The Year 7 and 8 girls took part in a Football tournament held at John Hanson School on Wednesday 15th February. There was an A and a B team and both teams played exceptionally well together. Three schools took part; John Hanson, Test Valley and Harrow Way and each team played five 10 minute games.

The A team played very skilfully and their passing was accurate and consistent. The A team won four out of their five games and only conceded one goal in the 1-1 draw against John Hanson A team. They were vocal on the pitch and very supportive of each other. Throughout the matches, goals came from Sky Hull, Katie Rackley, Paris McDermott and Darby Stuart. The B team also worked very well together and their efforts were commendable. They worked for each other and again were very supportive of each other on the pitch. The big match was Harrow Way A vs Harrow Way B and although Harrow Way A won, both teams were in good spirits and off the pitch all mixed together which was brilliant to see!!
Well done girls!!

Team: Paris McDermott, Paige McDermott, Katie Rackley, Harriet McRae, Sky Hull, Morgan Durrans, Darby Stuart, Anita Lukacovicova, Leigh Stanbrook, Huriya Karagozcu, Bailey Butts, Ellie Kew, Hannah Salter, Lydia Swatton, Tumi Moshoeshoe, Alisha Yoruk