Harrow Way Year 11s started 2017 with a big inspirational bang in the form of ex pro-American footballer Jim Roberson. Motivational coach Jim has worked with the school for a number of years and his unique style has provided a winning formula in getting Year 11s game ready for their exams and beyond.

Assistant Headteacher Caroline Lowing comments on Jim’s influence with the 15 and 16 year olds: “Jim genuinely is one of the most motivational coaches I have ever met and his ability to connect with students is indeed very special and impressive. Whether it’s the New York accent or his former career as a pro-American footballer, students really listen and take on board the messages Jim says. He makes them realise how important their education is and how their time at school is the key to them achieving their best and the gateway to any future they may like to determine. This is of course a consistent message here at Harrow Way but when Jim says it, the students really do listen!”

Jim, who started working with Harrow Way in 2012, led a session with the Year 11s on ‘the big picture’, encouraging students to look beyond school and their GCSE exams to their future. Deploying his ‘state of mind’ technique he gets students to imagine their future – what they’d like to do, how much money they might like to have and the choices they would like to make. He encourages students to have self-belief and to adopt a positive mind set and use some practical strategies for getting the best out of themselves, all of which are illustrated by Jim in a highly animated and entertaining way. He is keen to demonstrate to the students why school matters and how, with an education, they can create their own future.

Once Jim had worked his inspirational magic the Year 11s enjoyed a series of workshops to help them with the all-important revision techniques. During the sessions they were introduced to various techniques from using new technology such as using napps that help students to create their own revision materials,creative revision, using mind maps and memory techniques.

Caroline Lowing concludes: “The students had a brilliant day! Jim was excellent as always and the subsequent workshops further energised and invigorated the students for the challenge ahead. Naturally we want them to perform as well as they possibly can in their GCSEs because exams are the stepping stones to what we hope will be happy and fulfilling futures”.