The Year 8 and 9 girls had another Football match yesterday against Wellington. The match was played indoors and the girls played two games of 5 a side. The Year 9’s won a staggering 12-0, all playing very well together and passing and moving the ball well. The Year 8’s also won, winning 8-0. The girls were very strong and worked well together as a team.

Player of the match for Year 9 – Lucy Ladd
Player of the match for Year 8 – Katie Rackley

Team: Abi Clark, Lauren Clark, Lucy Ladd, Shannon Durrans, Amelia Kalwajtys, Katie Rackley, Paris McDermott, Leigh Stanbrook, Tumi Moshoeshoe, Rowan Battey, Ruby Pilford, Melissa Andrew, Tyrah Baah