11SBT started the week with their tutor assembly, with a video about confronting bullying and standing together as a community. The video can be viewed here.

Year 7 Tutor group 7SJP presented a musical assembly with a song that they written themselves. With accompanying music from guitar and backing track the tutor group sung a long to their songs, the words were projected and can be viewed here.

8JG looked at what it means to be part of a community and that we are all part of the Harrow Way Community. They also wanted to stop verbal bullying. ‘We all can see the signs of Physical bullying, the bruises and the hurt. How many of you though have ever seen the signs of the verbal bullying? Those signs that you cannot see from the outside.’ This was demonstrated by using apples, both look fine from the outside but the one treated badly is bruised and rotten on the inside. Their assembly presentation can be viewed here.