Harrow Way School 3 – 3 Horndean School (5 – 5 AET), Harrow Way won 4 – 3 on penalties.

year-7-football-team-sept16On Tuesday afternoon Harrow Way played Horndean in the Hampshire County cup. After a defeat from the previous week, Harrow Way were hungry for their first victory of the school year. Further pressure was added because it was a cup match and a defeat would see Harrow Way crash out. A shaky start saw Harrow Way go 2 goals down before finally finding their scoring boots.

The first goal came from Horndean when the Harrow Way defenders left their back line exposed. The Horndean striker ran through the centre and took full advantage of the space and scored past the Harrow Way goalie, Edward. After going 1-0 down Harrow Way rallied but the defence pushed forward leaving a hole at the back. Once again, the Horndean striker took the chance and unfortunately put another goal past Harrow Way’s goalie. Harrow Way carried on and kept their heads high. Omar ran down the left hand side and with his thundering left foot, put a top quality goal into the back of the Horndean net. Harrow Way ended the first half 1-2 down.

The second half rapidly began but in no time at all, Salem smashed Harrow Way’s second goal past the Horndean goalkeeper. within a few minutes, Oli put another goal into the back of the net. Harrow Way 3-2 Horndean, but it wasn’t over yet. Thinking we had scored another goal, a Harrow Way striker was caught offside and so the goal was disallowed. Just before the full time whistle, the Horndean striker put their third through Harrow Way’s goalkeeper’s hands. The game ended 3-3 and because it was a cup game, they moved into extra time.

Extra time was underway but in no time at all Horndean put not one, but two goals past Harrow Way’s goalie. Harrow Way did not give up and kept on fighting for the win. One of the Harrow Way wingers ran down the line and crossed a ball into the box. A defender from Horndean kicked the ball into his own net. Unfortunately Harrow Way were still down by a goal but fought on and that fighting led to Salem scoring the equaliser that put Harrow Way into the penalties.

Horndean took the first penalty, the Horndean player stepped up and tucked it away. Salem took the first Harrow Way penalty and unluckily hit the post. The second Horndean player also scored making it 1-2 to Horndean but it wasn’t over yet. Caleb stepped up and scored his first goal for the team. Horndean’s third put his penalty through the keeper’s hands however so did Oli for Harrow Way. Horndean’s fourth player kicked the ball too high, giving Harrow Way renewed hope. Tommy walked up to the penalty spot and put it into the back of the net making the score 3-3. Horndean missed their fifth and final penalty because Omar stepped up and scored the winner for Harrow way seeing them through to the next round.

Charlie Holloway & Jack Fielding, Year 7.