8CDS tried to explain what the EU Referendum was about that is happening on Tuesday 23rd June 2016, how it would impact us and the rest of Europe. Here they gave positives and negatives for both sides of the debate. All the students took part in the assembly with Lauren and Abigail writing the script and designing the presentation. Within our tutor group we voted on this issue.
– 81% Decided To Stay
– 19% Wanted To Go

Here are some quotes from the group:
‘We should leave because we are giving a huge amount of money to Europe and we are losing the majority of it.’
‘If we leave we will be in danger because we will have no help.’

9RCL defined and talked about people in history who have challenged injustice.

We gave some details about the civil rights activist Rosa Parkes and the recent fight to get justice for the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster. We then posed the question ‘Can we challenge injustice on a smaller scale in our everyday lives?’. The assembly finished with an anti- bullying video: https://youtu.be/YFzay3Vm860​

10 KMP Tutor Assembly
The group spent many hours composing an assembly about Injustice. Several members of the group spoke to the year group about some of the many different injustices that come to light in the world: what they were and how we as students can work together to prevent injustice. It was a difficult topic delivered with real humility and integrity by the students. Presentation