IMG_0522Friday 4th March was an exciting day for Year 3 and 4 athletes – their Indoor Athletics competition at Harrow Way! Ten teams from six schools (Appleshaw, Endeavour, Kimpton, Knights Enham, Portway and Roman Way) filled the Sports Hall. They all arrived excited and keen to start jumping, throwing and running!

The afternoon began with a warm welcome from Ella Taylor before the traditional ‘Beany Warm Up’; teams then set off with their leaders to their starting stations.

Year 7 Leadership Academy members led the teams around the ten stations, supporting and encouraging the young athletes, while managing the score cards and helping the station leaders. Year 11 ran the stations fantastically! They led with enthusiasm and huge smiles, making the young athletes feel very welcome. Many of these Year 11 had been members of Leadership Academy when they were in Year 7 and had definitely not forgotten their skills!

Ten stations later, and the young Year 3 and 4 were ready for a break before the races started. Well done again to Year 7 Harrow Way students (Ellie and Alicia) who demonstrated the races brilliantly, and to Year 11 (Ella Taylor, Ella Shadwell, Holly Healy and Rachael Lock) who had the very tough job of deciding positions as the young runners sped past the line! A highlight of the races was Endeavour A’s girls 4×1 relay team. As good as any Olympic team!

Finally it was time for the results. Ella and Ella thanked everyone before announcing positions; Ellie and Alicia handed out certificates and medals. In the A Team Competition Portway Red came first with Portway Blue and Endeavour very close behind. The B Team Competition was also very close. However, Portway came through as the winners with Kimpton very close behind.

The Friendship Prize went to Kimpton School, chosen by Ella Taylor and Ella Shadwell.

Mrs Salmon would like to say her own HUGE thank you to the brilliant Year 11 leaders and the fantastic Year 7 leaders below: “Thank you for your commitment to supporting Harrow Way School’s sporting events – every single one of you was amazing!”

Year 7 Leaders: Ellie Linham, Alicia Lund, Amelia Bierut, Eray Tozer, Isabella Gimitrova-Smith, Jessica Munday, Jada Jones and Kitty Gray.