CapriAfter a well deserved rest, we were more then prepared for another day of adventure so we headed for Capri. We met our guide for the day, Laura, outside the ferry port. It wasn’t soon after boarding the ferry a couple of us turned green and the disastrous symptoms of sea sickness occurred, while others were having the time of their lives coping with the dramatic motion of the waves by treating the half an hour journey as a roller coaster ride. On arriving at Capri we began our day in Marina Grande and wandered around for a while before getting on a bus and heading directly to the heart of Capri, otherwise translated as the little square to the locals. We went for a walk to different view points and collected many memories through pictures we had taken. After lunch we got another bus to Anna Capri were the views were all the more extraordinary.

We split into two groups. One group taking a chair lift to the highest point of the island where we took pictures and became one with the clouds. While the other group went to a high view point and took the stairs back down to Marina Grande, taking many pictures as they went down all 927 steps.

Again another day to remember completed and another needed night of rest to come.
Written by Madison Griffiths.