CbbifmbWEAQ0ybwWe all woke up on Wednesday 17th February 2016 fully prepared for our impending trek up the infamous Mount Vesuvius. As we were fast approaching the mountain it could be seen clearly as a greyed silhouette beyond the breath taking scenery. As we stopped outside of an oranges and lemons stall; the staple of Sorrento, we noticed a smiling Italian tour guide entering the coach doors. Introducing herself enthusiastically as Rosanna, she began promptly to gift us all with her gracious presence, astounding knowledge and unique humour. We continued our winding and twisting journey until eventually becoming stationary at the 1000m bus drop-off point. This is when we all separated from the guide; to later be reunited rest assured, and began the hike to the peak of Mount Vesuvius! Despite the obligatory struggle upon all participants faces the hard work was all rewarded as everyone made it successfully to the crater! There was slipping, sweating and times when it seemed so much easier to stop, however all 29 students persevered in completing their desired goal of reaching the summit. Overall, it was an extremely worthwhile accomplishment that I have to say, on behalf of all of us, we are all genuinely thankful to have had the chance to participate in.

Written by Tia Fisher