On the 18th of January in their assembly, 7JG celebrated the work of Martin Luther King and his legacy. The Power Point Presentation was running on a loop while students were entering the Auditorium. This gave each student a chance to learn a bit about Martin Luther King and watch a short video of his speech ‘ I have a dream’.

The main assembly theme, however, that 7JG worked very hard to organise and present, was called ‘ Globalisation and its impact on the environment’. Every student from 7JG took part in the organisation and the presentation of the assembly and sent a clear message to fellow students that we all are responsible for our environment and should do our best to help improve it. Students watched, with great interest, a video about a 12 year-old- girl who spoke in front of delegates from many countries at the first Environmental Convention in Rio. After the video all Y7 students were asked to think about what they can do to help the environment. Each student wrote on a piece of paper what they are going to change from then on so they can help our school community and the environment. It was clear, in students writing, that the message to safe and care about the environment sent by 7JG has reached everyone. Tutor Presentation

8KJ decided to focus on the recent flooding that happened in northern England and Scotland in December and over the Christmas period. We hoped to discuss the causes and effects of the floods and answer the question “will this happen again?” Tutor Presentation

9JPT Looked at World Religion Day and how other religions linked to our three school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Your Best.

Year 11 tutor group also looked at Martin Luther King Day and as a Rights Respecting school, it is important that we give people the freedom of thought, belief and religion. This means we don’t judge someone because of their religion or because they believe in something we don’t. People are entitled to their opinions, even if we don’t agree with them.

This was 11CE’s last tutor assembly so they looked back at assemblies that they have done, all the way back since Year 7. 11CE’s Presentation.