Welcome back – New Beginnings

In this weeks assembly I discussed the values we want all our students to develop and impeccable behaviour at HWCS

The assembly slides can be viewed here.

​We have very high expectations of our students and a belief that every student is capable of meeting them. The rules are only there because we need them to help us make sure learning can happen in the best possible conditions. Everyone has to follow the rules so that the systems work and everyone benefits.

The Behaviour for Learning system is one that has been tried and tested in numerous schools. It is based on the principle that, once students know the rules and the consequences, they can make the right choices for themselves and for others. When children thrive at school and at home, it is usually because the boundaries are very clear and there are clear consequences if they stray beyond them. Clear boundaries and discipline are completely compatible with a caring and happy atmosphere.

At school, in every situation where there are rules, students either choose to follow them or they make a choice to break them and face the consequences. The rules have to be clear and the consequences need to be consistent for this to work and that is our aim in implementing this system.

Our Anti Bullying Charter comes from the work of our whole school community including students, parents and staff. The Charter is printed in the Student Diary and students will be asked to sign this to demonstrate their respect for the values. There will also be a copy displayed in classrooms.