Roche Court 2 2015 V2Year 10 GCSE Art students from Harrow Way Community School are drawing inspiration from one of the UK’s leading sculptors, Laura Ford following a recent trip to The New Arts Centre at Roche Court. Laura is renowned for her part human, part animal creations which often resemble fantasy figures from children’s books, fairy tales and mythology.

Harrow Way Art Teacher Lily Bull explains how the trip will help the students: “Earlier this year the students designed and created the set for the school’s brilliant production of the musical Into the Woods which intertwines the plots of several fairy tales. Following this theme, their next project is to develop costume designs inspired by the same musical. Laura’s work strongly lends itself to this fantasy creature theme and I am hoping that by seeing her incredible sculptures the students will be able to develop and create some exciting costumes.”

Guided by Emma Kerr, the Education Officer at The New Arts Centre, the students explored ‘Once upon a Sculpture’ in the woodland sculpture park, given the opportunity to consider the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to an animal or object within sculpture. As well as focusing on Laura Ford’s creations the students also examined the work of other contemporary artists whose pieces are also on display at Roche Court.