IMG_0010Tri Golf has taken over the Harrow Way Sports Hall in recent weeks, with hundreds of balls being putted and chipped!

First it was the turn of the Year 2 children to take part in their festival. In its seventh year, it is still as popular as ever! Three teams from Portway Infants arrived early and gained some extra putting practice time with our Harrow Way leaders. Kimpton’s three teams arrived not long after, just as keen to get practising and playing!

Favourite putting games, ‘Finders Keepers’, ‘Golden Nuggets’ and ‘Dominoes’ ensured the children had a great time improving their putting and aiming, while scoring points for their team. Next out were the chippers. Remembering to ‘tick tock’ and ‘brush the grass’ meant that balls were chipped fantastically into the air to score more points for the teams. After five games, the children all agreed they had had a great time. All received a certificate, with the winners, Portway Putters, receiving a medal and the Year 2 Tri Golf Trophy.

A week later, the golf clubs were out again. This time it was the turn of the Year 3/4 teams from Endeavour, Knights Enham Junior and Portway Junior.

Harrow Way leaders expertly set up their stations and ensured they knew how to lead, score and motivate the teams to score maximum ‘Skills for Life’ points in cooperation, staying safe, honesty and respect. Seven teams set off to each of seven stations to putt or chip, and maybe even score a ‘hole in one’! Matt Wilkins set about expertly timing the practice session before giving the teams 5 minutes to score as many points as possible before moving onto their next station.

Harrow Way leaders proved they were fantastic at leading, motivating and scoring throughout the competition, from the first team they met right through to the last. After all seven stations had been completed, score cards were handed in to Ella and Matt while Tia entertained the seven teams. She even held a teachers’ ‘hole in one’ competition! However, no-one was as successful as Endeavour A pupils Ashley and Jessica and Knights Enham pupil Indiana. They each got a ‘hole in one’. Well done to them!

All the primary children were brilliant throughout the afternoon and are to be congratulated on their golf skills, as well as extremely high scoring in the Skills for Life. All scores were excellent, as announced by George, but with Endeavour A scoring the most points (753), they received the winners’ medals and have been invited to represent Test Valley at the Hampshire Youth Games in June. We wish them all the best and hope they have a fantastic time!

Year 2 Sports Leaders:
Year 7: Scott Jeffries, Connor Taylor and Amber Cherrington
Year 8: Zara Davis
Year 9: Amy Elkins and Ellie Millings

Year 3/4 Sports Leaders:
Year 7: Scott Jeffries, Connor Taylor, Matt Wilkins, Amber Cherrington, Agata Ruminska and Shannon Durrans
Year 8: Zara Davis and George Harrison
Year 10: Tia Dewhurst, Ella Taylor, Jessica Lee and Daisy May