Maddie Bowman - Rainbow Trust Book Cover WinnerThank you to all participants in the Rainbow Trust Book Cover Competition! We were really impressed with all the entries received and it has been a tough decision to make. The winner has now been announced and congratulation go to Maddie Bowman for her excellent design. – Rainbow Trust

Maddie’s Description of her image:

My design, I believe, represents both the book and the very spirit of Hampshire. It is a fact, although little known, that Hampshire people are often called “Hogs”, as might an American be called a “Yankee”. I believe that this term was more commonly used a while ago, to describe people who were Hampshire born and bred. This is represented in the design by the large pig at the head of the oval.

The dog-rose or wild rose, is the flower of Hampshire, often forgotten amidst the more “tame” beauty of its garden sisters. The roses are shown in a wreath around the pig and oval and I think they frame it quite nicely. The main body of my picture contains tiny drawings detailing the idea behind the book When you look closer, you can see an image which represents everything I could think of that might be featured in the book, some large, some smaller, hidden behind other things.