IMG_0447Today we woke up at 7 o’clock in time for breakfast at half seven. We then went onto the coach which took us to the amphitheatre in Napoli, and it was amazing! We then went inside and it was full of empty rooms where they would have kept the animals and possibly some slaves and prisoners. There were many walls separating each room which we hid behind so that we could jump out and scare the rest of the students. We learnt about where in the arena people would sit to spectate the fights (which were between men and the animals which were kept below ground) based on social class. All of this information was given to us by a guide.

After we went to the amphitheatre, we went to the Solfatara volcano which was basically paying to go into a death trap. It is more active than mount Vesuvius which means there was plenty of sulphur which gave off a vile smell, quite similar to rotten egg, which was quite disgusting! A lot of us threw rocks into the mud bath crater to see if anything would happen, but sadly, all we saw was a splash, so we were all quite disappointed.

After that we got back on the coach to go to see the volcanic lake which looked beautiful but is probably scaling hot and deadly. At this point it was perfect sunny weather, which allowed us all to just have a sit and a drink, and just rest for a while before getting on the coach for our hour and a half journey back to Piano De Sorrento

By Jordan & Amy