11After a nights sleep in the hotel, Klein Wien, we were ready to set off on our journey to the volcanic Island of Capri. The early start meant we were all slow to get off, we thought that we were going to miss our train! But with our pace we made it to the train station on time. After Ms Calder bought all 27 tickets for us, we caught the train and took a quick journey to Sorrento, where we took a short walk down to the port.

To begin with we all weren’t sure which ferry was ours but eventually after a wait, our one finally turned up and we boarded for a 30 minute cruise to the island – unfortunately the outside of the ferry was restricted but we still had some quality banter together on the journey.

On arrival to the island we voted for the more preferred option of taking the cable car half way up the cliff to give us a head start on our journey around the island, we must have walked a fair few kilometres – everyone had shaky legs and knees! On our trek around the island we looked at all the amazing views; including a 30 metre high natural arch! We also went into a cave, saw some cool coastal landforms and found lots of lizards.

After lunch we took a walk back down to the ferry and back to Sorrento and took a little wander where we were able to look at shops. Tomorrow we look forwards to seeing more volcanoes and obvious more Italian food!
Written by Roland Jones and Kieran Rowe.