1After breakfast, we ventured on a journey up the volcano Mt Vesuvius! The weather was cold, but the views, however were breathtaking! We were able to look over the near towns, Sorrento and Naples. It took us half an hour to walk up the mountain and around the crater on top, which was very deep. It wasn’t active, but there was sulphur gas escaping along the side of the volcano. Along the pathway, there were many cool however scary drops, that weren’t fun to look down. Even though the weather wasn’t brilliant, and all of our legs ached after the hike, I think all of us enjoyed our time conquering mount Vesuvius.
Written by Brandan Wigmore

We had a pizza and then someone started singing – he was really good. After our pizza we travelled to the ancient city of Pompeii, it was very interesting but also quite sad about how the bodies still had there facial expression from when they died. We walked around for a bit before finding house ruins …
Written by Layton Brook-Cooper and Emily Burford

When at Pompeii we were walking around the ruins of what would have been incredible houses. We spent some time trying to figure out which room would have been which in the house. We even found the toilets! One of the rooms also had pictures and engravings on the walls, you can imagine how beautiful the houses that they would’ve lived in would have been, covered in breath-taking artwork. Before we left we went to see the ash covered remains of the people who died in the eruption in 79 AD. It was a very emotional experience; one of the bodies we saw looked like a mother holding its child, spending their last moments alive together.
Written by Martha Smith and Rachael Lock