IMG_5488Nineteen committed leaders gave up the chance for a lie in and a relaxing Friday last week. Why? The annual Year 5/6 Indoor Athletics competition was upon us once again. After a morning of preparation and practice, the leaders welcomed more than 70 children from our local schools who arrived excited and eager to jump, throw and run! Three Year 6 teams from Portway Junior, a Year 6 and a Year 5 team from each of Knights Enham Junior and Kimpton Primary, as well as a team from Endeavour and a team from Appleshaw CE Primary.

Harrow Way leaders looked after our visitors fantastically. They welcomed them at the door, looked after them in their schools, led the field events and made sure the races were run safely and well. Finally, they led the presentation and ensured a safe and friendly departure.

The athletes from the five schools and nine teams competed superbly, with skill and sportsmanship, and are to be congratulated on their efforts. With close races and fantastic jumping and throwing, the results were close. However, the winners of both competitions was Portway. We wish them luck in the next round.