As part of our Anti-Bullying week activities and to tie in to the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we have been looking in-depth at how bullying type behaviours deny the rights of the target and often the perpetrator too.

Students then went on to consider who has responsibility for ensuring that we have strong positive relationships in our school community, and concluded that bystanders have a responsibility to become part of the solution. The discussion then focused on gathering student voice and on the review of the schools Anti-Bullying Policy which is currently underway.

There were bespoke assemblies for each year group throughout the week. All students have been invited to take part in an online survey on bullying and then were asked as tutor groups to develop a shared definition of what we mean by bullying in our community; this definition will be used in the updated policy.

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Link to slides used in Assembly

Videos used in the assembly…

The Diversity video:

The Stand Up, Stand Strong video:

Later this term we will be asking parents, staff and governors for their opinions and experiences of bullying in our community to feed into the policy to ensure we address all of our stakeholders’ concerns; we will also be focusing on e-safety and building on the excellent work of our Peer Educators from last year.