IMG_1053Fantastic effort, as well as much fun, was had today at the annual Year 2/3 Skills4Life Festival. Started many years ago to support the transition for children from Year 2 to Year 3, this festival has now become an annual event looked forward to by all!

Harrow Way leaders welcomed 60 children from our cluster schools and joined them for a picnic lunch and games on the field before heading into the sports hall for the ‘Beany Warm Up’. The festival could then begin! Students from across all year groups put their leadership skills into practice to expertly lead events which developed team work and communication, as well as sending, receiving, travelling and striking. Team leaders also used imaginative ideas to create a bond between the members of their teams. Every leader was outstanding and is to be congratulated on the commitment and effort they put in. They were an inspiration to our younger guests and ensured the Year 2 and 3 children from Portway Infant, Portway Junior, Kimpton and Knights Enham Infant Schools had an amazing and memorable afternoon. Thank you!

Please take a look at the photographs to see the festival fun for yourself!

Overall Management: Ella Taylor and Rachael Lock
Timekeeper: Jon Akehurst
Photographer: Emma Hunter
Competition Manager: Mia Larkin
Team Leaders: George Harrison, Jake Atkinson, Tia Dewhurst, Kieron Lazeretti, James Reeder, Emily Tunney, Charlotte Phillips, Tia Bowley, Ella Shadwell, Keira Grimison, Holly Healy and Georgia Fretton
Activity Leaders: Katie Guilford, Caylee Harper-Ronald, Megan Stacey, Cerys Cousins, James Copper, Jack Elkins, Emma Andrews, Britney Enright, Shea Colville, Adam Boyne, Daisy Blake, Alysia Blunt, Olivia Richardson and Charlotte Brown