bannerOn Friday, we spent the morning with the nursery children teaching them how to write and learn numbers. We sang together, played football and they taught us new dances. In the afternoon, Harrow Way pupils began to make their own Ngoni, which is a musical instrument that is a cross between and harp and guitar. They look and sound fantastic!

In the evening, we were treated to a private drumming session with a band from neighbouring Burkina Faso, ‘The Burkina Boys’ playing West African music. It was a brilliant night and we all showcased our newly found dance moves.

On Saturday, we went back to Fayef School to participate in a cultural exchange. We worked together to create banners of our school logos and students names and then swapped them so we can hang them in our respective schools. In the evening, we went out for a group meal, followed by a cultural evening on the beach, under the stars. A fantastic night was had by all!