Fayef International SchoolWe have had a lot of fun over the last few days! We spent the day at Fayef school finally meeting the pupils and we were greeted with a lovely assembly by the whole school with dancing and drumming. We then sat in on a year 10 lesson, without any lights and during a massive thunderstorm storm which was very challenging to hear the teacher and see the paper! Afterwards, we treated the Fayef pupils to an impromptu science lesson taught by Fletcher and Mr T; definitely outstanding! Yesterday, we drove west to the Cape Coast to see the fort and to learn about the historical slave trade, which was a very eye opening experience for all. On return, we experienced yet another thunderstorm and had a power cut for several hours. Over the next few days we will be teaching the children at the nursery and decorating Fayef school as well as having a cultural drumming lesson. A fantastic experience for everyone so far!