Welcome Back

We hope that you all had a fantastic Easter Break. It is going to be a very short half term, being only four weeks and four days. This is a key period of preparation for all students in Year 11 and our Year 10s who will be taking their English literature examination, in terms of readiness for examinations which start in a few weeks time.

The best of luck to everyone involved in these very important examinations.

Year 11 Examination and Revision Timetable

BBC – Coping with Exam Stress

Every year we undertake an evaluation of our performance, acknowledging our successes and also identifying the areas that we need to improve. Thank to all those parents who have completed this so far. If you have not completed this, the questionnaire can be found by following this link:

Parent Questionnaire

Parental input is essential if the process is going to be truly meaningful and the evidence we collect helps to determine the priorities for the year ahead and the longer term. The information we receive from the questionnaires will be fed back to you via the school newsletter and will be discussed at Staff Meetings and Governors Committee Meetings to form the basis of the next School Improvement Plan.

I was very pleased to learn recently that we will be welcoming a full year group into Year 7 for September 2014. In fact we currently have a waiting list! I am delighted that Harrow Way continues to be the first choice for the majority of families in our area.

We are looking forward to the summer term with lots more exciting opportunities and successes for our students and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.


After a couple of weeks of waiting, the bluetit eggs have finally hatched in our onsite bird box. To watch a live stream of inside the bird box click here.