Values for All ConferenceOn Tuesday 19th November ten Year 11 Unicef Peer Educators attended the above conference in Bournemouth. The purpose of the conference was to explore what values, principles and practices underpin wellbeing and educational outcomes in students.

The conference was attended by Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, Governors in schools and other services.

Students from Harrow Way provided a workshop on how the Rights of the Child can have an impact on promoting positive relationships. They used the example of the prefect system to demonstrate this. They began by giving a brief history that demonstrated how Harrow Way has developed and embedded the Rights of the Child in to the whole school ethos, culminating in the prestigious Unicef Level 2 Rights Respecting School Award.

Students then went on to show how Rights Respecting approaches had been developed throughout the school providing practical examples and a variety of possible scenarios. Every student participated and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The presentation lasted 50 minutes and was extremely well received. It really did get the message across how powerful the impact is of a human rights based approach in improving relationships and empowering young people. Students dealt with the questions at the end in a confident and enthusiastic manner. They were outstanding ambassadors for the School and impressed all those present.

The conference was organised and run by RealisingRights. The Year 11 Harrow Way Unicef Peer Educators were: Teeanna Cleary-Skelton, Martyn Craggs, Georgina Hudson, William Hudson, Nayana McGee, Abbey Pearson, Ellie Potter, Rebecca Thorne, Paris Wilson and George Millis.