The shorter days that come with November signify for me the speed with which each year passes. Already we have completed the first half term of this academic year and now well into the second half term with December looming.

It was a great pleasure this week to be involved in the GCSE Certificate Evening on Monday and witness last year’s Y11 receive their certificates and prizes. It was a very enjoyable evening. We also put on a Primary School Dance Showcase, which involved over 190 year 5 children. Over 300 parents attended. I also had the privilege of going along with our peer educators and Mrs Delany, to the ‘Values for All’ Conference in Bournemouth. Harrow Way students were asked to perform a workshop to teachers, senior leaders, headteachers and governors, in the Bournemouth and Poole Area. I was also asked last Friday to present at a conference on the challenge of leadership. Other presenters included Jonny Mitchell, Headteacher at Thornhill who was the Headteacher in the series, Educating Yorkshire!

On Friday 8th November 2013, the Year 11 BTEC Diploma Drama students came to the completion of two weeks of work in their performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I would like to congratulate all the students involved. You will have seen on the website some of our sporting successes over the term so far.

On the school website you will find the school improvement plan. Please look through this and consider the developments we are working on in school. There will be updates on our progress during the year, in this blog and on the website. I hope you will see the progress we are making when you visit the school and talk with your children

In our progress towards ‘Outstanding’ practice throughout the school, we have introduced ‘Show My Homework’ – an online school homework calendar.

‘Show My Homework’ is an easy-to-use calendar designed to make homework transparent for everyone. Students will be able to see homework details, deadlines and resources. We hope this service will provide parents with an insight into the type, frequency and amount of homework your child receives. You can simply visit our school website, view the Harrow Way home page and click on the ‘Show My Homework’ button.

This will take you to our ‘Show My Homework’ calendar and from there; you can use the filters (i.e. years, subjects, classes and teachers) to find out what and when a homework is due.

At present we are still rolling out the system with staff and students. Parents will also receive a letter with login instructions in January. This will allow you to see your child’s homework deadlines (i.e. overdue, up and coming) and let you know where your child may be falling behind and where they are excelling.