IMG_0107The OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) Weather Roadshow rolled into Harrow Way Community School last week to give Year 7 and 8 Science and Geography students the opportunity to explore the science of climate and weather.

The OPAL Weather Roadshow is a travelling exhibition which examines different aspects of climate, weather and the atmosphere. Alongside professional meteorologists and OPAL scientists students used the latest high tech equipment, to take part in a number of activities such as calculating the wind speed, measuring the temperature of clouds, learning about tornadoes with tornado tubes and creating their own weather forecasts.

A particularly enjoyable part of the day, was the opportunity to record and present a weather report as per those seen every day at the end of the news. Budding weather reporters soon learned their high front from their low front!

Caroline Lowing, Assistant Headteacher said: “The OPAL Roadshow turned the science which sits behind the climate and the weather into a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. Our students were totally engaged, asked lots of very meaningful questions and as a result took on board the all important academic lessons as well as the wider messages aimed at inspiring this generation to become nature lovers and protectors of the environment.”
More information on the OPAL Weather Roadshow can be found here.

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