day5rh 007day5rh 013Well, they promised snow and we got it! In fact, when we peered out the window this morning we thought that the world had disappeared. About a foot fell over night.

The students have coped very well with the conditions and we like the fact that they disappear like the gorillas in the mist, although the gorillas are far better looking, but ours can ski better. The big bonus is that falling no longer hurts as it’s like falling into a marshmallow. The highlight of Miss Escritt’s day was seeing Emily C and Frankie P fall off the shortest travelator and ended up in the orange netting. They looked like two fish caught in a fishing net. After the instructor managed to untangle them and pull them out from underneath, he asked Miss Escritt to retrieve their ski poles. As you know, she is getting old and less flexible and fell over and off the lift, which was greeted with large cheers and screeches of laughter from the children. Miss Escritt got up looking like the Abominable Snowman!

day5rh 001day5rh 003The beginners group were introduced to a snow-park slalom today. Emily B and Frankie P rose to the challenge and raced against each other. They did fantastically well and managed to negotiate all the poles and get passed the finishing line and then realised that they were going very fast and couldn’t stop. They DAY526baled out in to big piles ofDAY535 snow at the side of the track. Emily B claimed the victory although we think that there had been a false start!

Tonight’s entertainment has been a quiz with everyone taking part. It was rather an alternative quiz as one of the rounds was to make one of their team into a mummy using a toilet roll. We have every sympathy for you parents as your Christmas presents must look terrible! Stan’s new best friend is Mrs Cook as she may have helped him with a few of the answers. Ssshhhh, don’t tell the others.

We’re afraid that we can’t tell you the name of the winning team, but it consisted of Bradley, Luke, Roland, Jack, Aaron and Ollie H.

It’s been another very successful day and, once again, the kids are all tucked up in bed.