IMAG1177Looking out of the window now, at bed time, there is a blizzard going on outside. The snow is horizontal and there must be at least 15 cm that have settled in the last hour. That said, we have been very lucky with the weather during our ski lessons today. The sun shines on the righteous!

day4rh 004day4rh 007Last night 100 km/p/h winds were forecast to come in at around 3 pm with heavy snowfall today, so we went out this morning with the attitude that we should make the most of any good conditions we could find. At first it looked fairly dull as the light was ‘flat’ making the ground look the same colour as the sky, so it’s difficult to see the lumps and bumps of the terrain. Our 3 groups of skiers set off with their instructors to see if they could chase the better weather. Oh my word, did they ever find what they were in search of! The recent snowfall was beautifully soft making for some of the best skiing conditions they could ever have hoped for, so they really went for it. Without knowing it they have all made such fantastic progress and their faces showed all the day4rh 001proof we needed to confirm how much they had enjoyed themselves. The sun was shining, there was no wind and it couldn’t have been better. They’d all worked up a healthy appetite so after tucking into some lunch they prepared to go out again for some more fun in the snow.

IMAG1172Although the weather wasn’t great this afternoon, it could have been worse. Visibility varied and changed very quickly from good to bad depending on how high up you were and whether you had shelter from the bDAY402uilding wind. After a long and tiring day of skiing, the top group was the last to return to the hotel. day4rh 016day4rh 021We were not disappointed that we had gathered to watch their descent back as George B put on a fantastic ‘air’ display. He had, cockily, challenged Maya to a race back down the last part of the slope to the meeting area and, in his eagerness to show off in front of his mates, had not noticed the huge pile of snow that was right in his path. For a moment we thought it was the ‘old’ Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, as George took off, glided and then face-planted right in front of us all for the most spectacular crash-landing ever. We all dissolved with laughter and poor George will not be allowed to forget that one in a hurry! (Unfortunately no-one caught it on camera, although someone did manage to catch this one of Mr H earlier in the day.)

The sports centre was great fun, as always, as everyone joined in. Emma J and Katie R showed the boys how they should play basketball, except for Roland, who they’re thinking of contracting out to the Harlem Globe Trotters as he was awesome! Emily C did a great impression of Chicken-Licken as she got hit on the head by the “ball that fell out of the sky!”

We told them 10 o’clock lights out tonight and, guess what? They’ve all done as they were told. I wonder why?