MondayEE16MondayEE21We’ve had a mixed bag of weather today. The morning was bright with light snow showers and the afternoon started off sunny and finished in complete fog. Miss Escritt tried to con the beginners, who she shared a gondola lift with, that as they rose through the cloud layer and were greeted by brilliant sunshine they had a free pass to Heaven for the day. Sadly she’s not convinced that some of them believed her. Once at the top, they did a 2-mile descent down a beautiful green run and as you can see from the photos, there were a few tumbles. That said, the progress on that one run was incredible and their instructor was very pleased that they had got to the top of the mountain so soon.

day3rh 018day3rh 029Mrs Cook had a close encounter of the French kind which nobody witnessed, but she was silly enough to tell everybody and so we made her write it up. It started off when she tried to Karaoke06Karaoke11IMAG1168Karaoke10take a short cut bacKaraoke17k to the hotel. Unfortunately, as she skied off the snow leading to her way home she encountered some very sticky rubber matting which made her skies come to an abrupt halt. Regrettably, Mrs Cook carried on and face planted the matting a metre away from her skies in front of an appreciative French group. Mrs Cook leapt to her feet with much embarrassment and promptly smiled, greeting them with “Bonjour!” for which she received a round of applause and a request for an “Encore!”

Tonight was karaoke night which is always a risky activity as 1) you never know if anyone will want to sing and, 2) someone you don’t want to sing, decides that they want to get up and sing. Fortunately we didn’t break any windows and they sang the roof off, which made us proud. Queen and Linkin Park should not feel threatened. It was great to see the usual suspects get up and take the stage and, even better, see the ‘unusual’ suspects join in.

The top group decided to write a few of their own comments about the day. Please see below:

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OLLIE STILWELL – Great third day, A big dump of fresh snow saw us through.
Although the visibility was poor in the morning, it soon cleared up and couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Here are the best bits from the day:

GEORGE BAXTER – Had a great day! We went up to 2800m and the skiing was amazing. Our instructor is called Bridget and she is a good teacher! Hi mum and dad!

RYAN HAMPTON – Today I laughed more than I have ever laughed after seeing Maya falling off a drag lift and hanging on for dear life, then being dragged along
the ground for about 200m before being flung off at a corner at very high speed.

CHARLIE DONNELLY – Right, so basically we are standing in a line and Ben S decided to start going backwards and then dramatically fell into the soft white snow.
Then some guy pushed me out of the way of a chair lift so that I had to run away from the swinging chairs. I looked awfully stupid!

BEN STRAFFON – Started the day well with a long ride on the chair lift, followed by a nice ski down into Reberty. The weather cleared up in the afternoon, and another
long ride; this time in a gondola. Finished the day well!


Hi to everyone at home!