SundayEE34SundayEE35‘S no joke! It snowed all day yesterday; snowed all night; then stopped just in time for us to go out and sample the delights of the super sport, ‘skiing’. Those who had skied before couldn’t wait to go out and play in the powder and those who had never skied before felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

The instructors seem like a nice bunch and bonded with their groups very quickly. The new skiers’ instructors remarked on how excellent they were and thought that the dry-slope skiing had given them a great start. They soon got off the nursery slopes and quickly managed to do a nice green run in their first morning, so we expect to see great progress by the end of the week.

Picture 033The top group spent the afternoon playing in the powder and it was great fun to watch Fletcher and Kian bury themselves in the drifts of snow which caused much amusement. We have been blessed with great conditions, although very cold (-9 by day) and more snow is expected later in the week.

Picture 028Tonight’s20130203_19464020130203_200730 evening activity was bum-boarding. Maya was the most impressive, managing the longest run and nearly ended up going to the front door of our hotel. At least she didn’t have far to go to get her hot chocolate! As usual the children challenged each other to races, showing their competitive nature, as well as their blarney about who was going to win.

Once again, there are a lot of tired faces so we are hoping that they all sleep well.