IMAG1143IMAG1144The day started exceptionally well with an unsociable 3 am start, but despite this we had a really cheerful bunch of students and parents.

The journey to Gatwick ran very smoothly. Our friendly coach driver informed us that he knew Andover well as he raced whippets at Ludgershall. What he hadn’t bargained for was that he would have to become a whippet himself as he raced after our group, who were halfway up the escalator, to return a camera left on the coach by one of our students. The driver’s medal is in the post, although we don’t think he’ll make any future British Olympic team!

IMAG1146IMAG1150As we were first in the queue, check-in was easy. Once through to the departure lounge it was decided that Emily C and Ben S should win the ‘Hollow Legs’ award for packing so much food away. Sian C decided that she could only manage one mouthful of hot chocolate before testing its floor-cleaning properties. She spent the next 15 minutes finding someone to clean it up. Good girl!

To our surprise Prince William appeared and decided that he liked our group so much that he requested they join him in a ‘Gang Nam’-style dance and perform it in front of those travellers in close proximity.

IMAG1147IMAG1149Bradley, Aaron and Jack enjoyed their first flight immensely and have decided that they will join us for the flight home and not walk! We had a delay at Geneva airport due to heavy snow which prevented the coach reaching us on time. The students weren’t too bothered as they were then given more ‘Swiss’ time and they could ‘Swatch’ the people go by. I know our jokes are bad but it HAS been a long day!

The week looks very promising as there has been over a foot of snow in the last 24 hours.

We’re all very tired and the little cherubs are as snug as bugs in rugs and dreaming of the things to come.