IMG_021025 Harrow Way students, who were chosen for their commitment to leadership within the school, gave up a day off to enrich the sporting experiences of children from our cluster schools recently. They are all to be congratulated on their commitment, enthusiasm and ability to lead.

The students spent the morning setting up the hall and learning how to lead their events, before welcoming 64 Year 5 and 6 children from Portway Junior, Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield CE Primary, Roman Way Primary and Knights Enham Junior School.

Chelsey and Jordan welcomed everyone before Tia and Ella led the warm up.Then it was off to the field events to see if new records could be set! Eight events and many races later, the leaders were still as enthusiastic as they were at the start. Well done!


IMG_0216Lastly, after very efficient score table work, Gregor and Martyn were able to announce the positions and award certificates and medals. Congratulations to Portway for winning both the A and B team competitions, but also well done to ‘Girls 3’ for winning the ‘Friendship and Respect’ prize. Also new records were set in the field events. An astounding 5.38m in the standing triple jump, 48cm in the vertical jump and 57 jumps in the speed bounce are the new boys’ records to beat! Well done to all the athletes in all the schools who competed with such determination and talent.

Leaders on the day:
Year 11 Silver Ambassadors
: Jordan Simcox and Chesley Renshaw

Year 10 Sports Leader: Martyn Craggs

Year 9: Cerys Cousins, Megan Woodage, Hannah Allmark, Gregor Corcoran (Silver Ambassador), Madeline Wickenden, Martyna Kravizynska and Victoria Jones (Leadership Academy).

Year 8 Leadership Academy: Ella Taylor, Callum Kennedy, Emma Andrews, Georgia Day, Lois Lloyd, Hannah Morling, Kirsty Garrett, Holly Healy,Tia Dewhurst, Abigail Knapp, David Craggs, Niamh Rolfe and Andrea Murray.

Year 7: Emma Hunter and Harry Goddard