Day 2 013Another prompt start this morning – these students are so good at turning up when there is food to be had! We were all feeling really tired this morning, thanks to an extra early alarm call from a thunderstorm which broke over our hotel at 3.00 am, followed by torrential rain. The downpour eased for a short time as we set off for the Nou Camp, but unfortunately it was again raining hard as we exited the Metro. We practised the British art of queueing for a while, and then had the Nou Camp Experience! We think if all the silverware in the Barcelona trophy cabinet was melted down, it would probably solve the Spanish financial problem. A dry (hurrah!) walk to the Metro and a quick ride across town to La Sagrada Familia came next, where we stopped for lunch. Now refreshed, we tooled up with audio guides and went into the cathedral. We didn’t know what to expect, but were all amazed and astounded at both the exterior and interior of this building. Well worth another look, especially as the building isn’t even finished yet. On the way back to the hotel we circumnavigated Barcelona’s bull-ring, just because it was there, and came back in time to give our weary feet a rest before the evening meal. I think some of the students actually ate green stuff this time too! There was an option of free time or a quiz when we got back from dinner – and well done to all the students who took part – Tom, Connor, Luke and Hallam were the winning team. We have had a great time here, and have been gratified that our students have definitely shown the other groups here how to behave, we have had some lovely feedback from people we have met. No more time for sightseeing, we’ll be tidying our rooms and checking out in the morning for our return journey :(