DSC_0882On Thursday 9th February, Harrow Way held its Citizenship Day, led by our Year 11 UNICEF peer educators. This year we were looking at the effects of Climate Change in Guyana. Students were split into classes, made up of students from different year groups. Subject areas tailored their lessons around climate change and Guyana. For example the Art department created a large scale mural based on the work of the Guyanese artist Philip Moore. This work shows a figure standing on the top of a wall depicting some of the troubles faced in Guyana, such as crop failure, fire and disease as well as the work carried out by UNICEF to help alleviate some of these problems. This in turn created discussions around the United nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The History department made slave memorials and the Science deartment looked at the effects of Climate Change.

Harrow Way will join thousands of schools across the country by taking part in UNICEF’s Day for Change to raise funds for children affected by climate change in Guyana. The money raised will help UNICEF to change children’s lives in Guyana, where climate change is already affecting children’s health and education. Stalls were set up in the Auditorium at lunchtime to raise money. Students could guess the wait of the polar bear, enter a raffle to win penguins and fairtrade footballs, buy climate change cup cakes and purchase Fairtrade items.