Butterfly by Jay PriceHarrow Way Art Department celebrated the success of current KS4 students in an art exhibition held at The Fairground Art Gallery at Weyhill during January .

All of the work exhibited was inspired by the theme of “Pattern in Nature” whereby the students investigated the detailed structure of Natural Forms using flowers, leaves, trees, insects, animals and even microscopic photography with the assistance of the Science department.

This was such a colourful display which used the whole gallery space and really brightened the gloom of January.

These creative studies by Year 9 and Year 10 students are the final outcomes of their first project at GCSE. They initially completed large scale drawing studies using a variety of media, then researched artists for additional inspiration before developing these final ideas using paint and creative textile techniques. Supporting sketchbook studies were also exhibited which provided visual information about the students enquiries towards their final outcome.