IMG_0282On Tuesday the 31st January, Harrow Way held its Year 7 Spelling Bee competition. Hosted by the English department and the Library, Year 7 took to the Auditorium in tutor groups to battle it out to find the best spelling tutor group and win house points.

Round one saw the traditional spelling bee competition of spelling words out loud by the two best spellers of each tutor group. Round two saw the whole tutor group take part by spelling words using handheld voting devices. Round three, each tutor had to make words by being human letters and round four saw a tight battle between the tutor representatives spelling using the handheld devices. Points were also awarded for speed in this final round.

IMG_0234The winners of Spelling Bee 2012 were: 7CA with 71 points, closely followed by 7RA with 67 points.
The winning house was Yellow scoring a total of 131 points, second place was Red house (124 points) and third place was Blue house (93 points).