CIMG2806Photos from the final two days of the Yr 8 Calshot residential trip are now online. Photos for all the other days have also been updated, with some additional pictures from some other cameras we had with us now online as well – so do check back over the whole gallery.

The whole trip was out on the water for all of Thursday morning. Despite the fact that it was raining heavily while we were having breakfast and getting kitted up, we were rewarded by a break in the weather and clear skies soon after everyone had gone out. There were groups kayaking, sailing and windsurfing all at the same time and everyone gave it a great go. In the afternoon most groups moved back indoors for their scheduled activities, but your intrepid reporter had the pleasure of accompanying the 1 group IMG_4098remaining under the skies on their mountain biking expedition. Much as with the water activities in the morning, we set off in heavy rain – but despite a couple of showers, the worst of the weather held off while we were out. Except a bit of a delay waiting for a rescue party with a pump that actually worked to fix a flat tyre, we all got very muddy and had a great ride.

IMG_4107Thursday evening we were all back outside, doing either the low ropes course or the pool cross (which ever one hadn’t been done on Tuesday). It’s always great fun watching the pool cross – all the unexpected plunges into the water always brings much hilarity.

CIMG2849Friday morning was our last activity session – finishing up the final sessions that hadn’t been done yet. I joined in with the abseiling and climbing before we went off to have our last meal and say goodbye to the instructors.

Finally, many thanks to all the students on the Calshot trip. Your behaviour was excellent, you all joined in with the vast majority of the activities with enthusiasm and were a credit to your school.

The full gallery of photos from the trip can be viewed here.