IMG_3985Well we’ve had a very busy 2 days down here on the coast! Activities on Tuesday were ongoing, with the different groups taking part in rock climbing, archery, track cycling on the velodrome, snowboarding, mountain biking and some groups were out on the water trying windsurfing. In the evening we did a scavenger hunt on the beach, took a walk down Calshot spit and played some team sports.IMG_4061

The students must have been working hard at the activities set for them, because they were all in bed as late as they could be Wednesday morning (in stark contrast to the pre-6am risers on Tuesday!). The day was much of the same as Tuesday – with the addition of sailing and windsurfing and some groups getting their 2nd sessions of both rock climbing and track cycling. The heavens opened for us this afternoon, which created a muddy experience for the mountain bikers! Right now we are all taking a slightly easier evening and watching a film.

More photos can now be viewed here.

Team Calshot, a little tired, over and out for the day!