IMG_7452On Friday March the 4th Harrow Way Community School held a Citizenship Day. This was based around Article 29 of The United Nations Convention of The Rights of The Child: ‘ Education should encourage children to respect their own and other cultures……’

The purpose of the day was to demonstrate how other cultures have influenced and enriched our society.

The day was planned and run by the school’s Year 11 Unicef Peer Educators. It started with an extended tutor period where students participated in a variety of games and competitions that reinforced how we are all global citizens. Students then broke off into vertical house groups in which they remained for the rest of the day. They attended a number of workshops planned especially for this day by the individual departments. This included a wide range of enjoyable and challenging activities where they were provided with the opportunity to explore: _MG_7584 Mendhi hand painting; British Identity; The History of New York; The Japanese influence on computer games; Islam and geometry; Australian Aboriginal games; Drug laws throughout the world; Identity and storytelling through dance; Sweat-shop production and the goods we purchase; Asian food; Hindu Weddings; and Greek culture.

The was also African drumming, raffles in aid of Unicef and a Fairtrade stall.

Culture Vulture Dance 029Students loved the opportunity to try different things, such as cheese tasting, dancing, drumming, making bracelets, body painting and in general, engaging in an enjoyable learning experience.

The day was a resounding success with a lot of positive feedback from staff and students.