One of the very many positive outcomes from last year’s Ofsted Inspection at Harrow Way was the judgement of “outstanding” in relation to our safeguarding procedures.

As a result of this we were delighted this term to be one of a dozen or so schools nationally to be selected to receive an additional visit by Ofsted which took place on Wednesday 29th September. The purpose of this visit, which was conducted by Mr John Kennedy, HMI, was for the school to “showcase” its outstanding practice for scrutiny by the Inspector, who is himself one of a team from Ofsted who are collating a Best Practice case study for publication.

We enjoyed a very interesting day with Mr Kennedy who looked carefully at a wide range of the school’s practices in relation to safeguarding and I have attached his feedback report on this recent visit for you to read.

We are naturally delighted with the feedback we have received, because it adds further emphatic confirmation and endorsement of the school’s far-reaching and detailed work in the area of safeguarding. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate staff, governors and students who consistently practice very high standards in relation to this crucial area of our work.