IMG_1703We’ve been lucky enough to have had another day of fabulous weather down here at Calshot. Everyone slept more soundly last night than on Monday (thank goodness!), exhausted after the day’s activities. This morning the students have been either (depending on groupings) out on a long Off Road Mountain Bike ride, Climbing, Snowboarding, Track Cycling or honing their Archery skills. I was lucky enough to be able to try my hand at Archery with a group, which was something most of us hadn’t done before. The same group then moved on to their 2nd session of Indoor Rock Climbing, so check out our photos from today’s selection.IMG_1725

In the afternoon everyone was back out on the water again for their 2nd session. Everyone gets to do Windsurfing, Kayaking and Sailing – with a different one on each of the 3 afternoons we have out on the water. Winds were very high this afternoon, which made both Sailing and Windsurfing quite difficult for most people – the Kayakers were the lucky ones today with no sails to worry about so they had very few problems caused by the wind!

IMG_1733We’ve had our dinner now and are currently using the space inside the Velodrome to kick footballs around in some kind of vague attempt at a proper game, play indoor hockey in much the same spirit and generally make as much noise as possible. We’ll be off to watch a film in about 15 minutes!

Check today’s gallery of photos here – Team Calshot, over and out.