P1010114The Newshounds was an activity which reported on all the events which happened on Activity Day 2009. Here are some of their reports.

Interview with Mr Ray, the Head of all Activities.

It took weeks and weeks to prepare for the event. I needed to get Mr Gardner to sort out the V.L.E and add all the posts and also to give all 800 students a slip to fill out, and to prepare a data base to show what activities were on offer I also had to organise the staff and get them to sign up to teach the activities.

There were 7 off- site activities and 32 in- school activities.
The main advantage of today is that its an opportunity for staff and students to enjoy themselves and get to know each other and each others likes and dislikes, and also get to know each other under different circumstances and also helps to build relationships and to improve working in classrooms can not say a favourite activity because they all seemed really popular and some can only take a certain limit of students most of them filled up really quickly.

Quotes from students around the school enjoying different activities…

‘Lots of fun, keeps you busy!’- Mathew 7CC
‘It’s really fun’- Shannon Nixon 7RP
‘Fun because I am currently with my friends’-Paige Hanchet 7RP
‘Liked recording, was really good’-Glyn Juliff 7SC
‘Today was wicked, awesome and funny’-Tom Leng 10KK
‘Tom is a legend’-Thoryn Gitoss 9RB
‘Exceeded my expectations’-Phillipa Duke 10JB
‘Fun and learning at the same time!’-Alice Longshaw 9ML
‘Quite good actually’-Jordan Twigg 10DG
‘Mr Currie is really good at table tennis’-anonymous
‘It was wicked, a good rave!’-Jasmine Couts 7RP
‘Really good. Learned new skills, new equipment’ Luke Baird 8 JM
‘I enjoyed tidying up’ Sean Paige 8JC
‘Very good experience. Learned new things’ Head Boy Johnny Walsh 10JB
‘Quite good actually’ Jordan Twigg 10 DJ