The brave adventurers of TB1 fought through snow and flooding to arrive in the New Forest! Once at Tile Barn we had to check all our lunches were of the healthy persuasion. TB1 had an impressive collection of healthy food, and boy did we need the energy for the day ahead…

The first challenge involved blind-folds, ropes, a tricky obstacle course and lots of mud. TB1 were split into two teams, blindfolded, and challenged to guide themselves around the obstacle course. No obstacle was too tough for TB1 – in fact the mud was seen as a personal challenge; who could get covered in the most? Cailen seemed to do very well at this challenge!

Next were the deadly Jammy Dodgers, which had to be traversed by two Twix (planks of wood to people not of TB1!) bars. Beware the evil green marshmallow of peril – if a Twix touched the marshmallow it got sucked back to the start! This activity allowed TB1 to truly show their mettle; after a frustrating start they began to communicate and work as a team, which allowed them to defeat the marshmallow peril and get all team members safely to the end of the course. Well done to Ashley for his good ideas and to Jamie and Charlie for dancing to keep up the team spirit!

After a hearty, well earned lunch we set off on our biking expedition. Though cold, the sun was shining down upon us. We navigated flooded bridges, neighing ponies, barking poodles. There were various abilities when it came to bike riding, but everyone waited for the team and kept going no matter what. A great effort all round!

Await the next instalment of TB1’s intrepid adventures – the survival trial. Will we survive…?